Open-Source: Songs from an Unmade World 2 – (Released 2016)

This album contains sixteen original themes each portraying a different environment or story moment from a non-existent videogame world. The songs are inspired by classic fantasy/adventure/rpg music with specific influences from games like Legend of Zelda, Chronotrigger, Castlevania, Golden Sun, Pokémon, Dragon Warrior, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, and more. These old school sounds combine with more modern samples, soundfonts, and influences to make a blend that feels nice.

Songs from an Unmade World, to me, represents an unfinished project – I would like to see these songs inhabit projects that are yet to be made, or perhaps ones that are in development right now. Over 18,000 people downloaded this album’s predecessor and more are finding it and using it for new projects each day.

In the same spirit as the first album, I am releasing this album as open source as I can. Use of these themes and loops is available to anyone interested in adding them to the worlds they are making as long as they give me credit. Downloads of the album on Bandcamp comes with easily loopable bonus-track versions of the songs you see above.

Other requests for alterations can be made by email.

I hope you enjoy these tracks and the world I’m hinting at through them. I’d love to be reached out to for any feedback or comments. Thanks.