Exploring music for plants with ‘Forest World’

In September, while traveling and staying with a friend in Madrid, I released a follow-up to my other open-source game music albums. This time I wanted to focus on building a cohesive world that had more of its own distinct character. Here’s what I came up with:

Forest World Cover

Songs from an Unmade Forest World was heavily inspired by early organic-electronic works, namely Mort Garson’s Mother Earth’s Plantasia, an album meant to be played to your plants, and Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Green, a super zen trance-inducing collection of abstract songs. I took some of those themes and infused them with video game sounds (I honestly can’t help myself).

Composing the Forest World music was a different and super healthy project– each song explores many more sounds than I had before on any other album. My personal favorite being Forest Fanfare which imagines a rag-tag marching band that wandered out from a lost Miyazaki movie.

Similar to the other Unmade World albums, I also released Forest World on Free Music Archive, where looped versions of the songs can be downloaded for free for developers, podcasters, streamers, and other folks to use in their projects! I’m happy to keep that open spirit alive and share my music with people that find it useful!

My next personal project is also going to be exploring the more minimal sides of video game music, and I’m hoping to collaborate with a few other artists for that project as well. Stay tuned!