25152379_10156825702897316_2366677588682664716_n.jpgVisager, aka Josie Brechner, is a 27 year old trans, nonbinary composer, sound designer, and music producer living and working in Brooklyn. Visager has been creating music and audio experiences for games, film, dance, and interactive theater projects since 2012.

As an independent musician, Visager has toured the US and performed internationally, combining sample-based electronic sounds with analog instrumentation.

In video games, Visager has found a niche in making unique sound worlds for games where the music and audio seek to tell their own narrative and deepen the player experience. Visager seeks to work with other developers and artists who have a strong creative vision in order to help bring their projects to life, especially those shining a focus on underrepresented folks and ideas. They have composed music for podcasts, films, arcades, plays, and most recently the Nintendo Switch with Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King. Music from Visager’s two open-source Songs from an Unmade World albums have been used in hundreds of projects around the world.